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Make critical portfolio decisions backed by accurate, comprehensive pipeline and competitive intelligence

Inform your strategic decisions and stay a step ahead of your competitors by leveraging accurate, timely competitive intelligence that spans the entire drug development cycle.

Gaining a competitive edge in drug development requires monitoring the current pipeline while keeping an eye to the future. Maintaining this broad view is challenging – requiring data collection to survey the entire development landscape and comprehensive analysis to forecast trends, threats, and opportunities. Cortellis Competitive Intelligence delivers actionable, timely intelligence by providing access to:

  • Sales forecasts and pipeline and competitor data covering the entire development cycle, from discovery and pre-clinical through launch.
  • Exclusive analytics, such as the patent-pending Drug Timeline & Success Rates that uses statistical modeling and machine learning to generate more accurate pipeline forecasts.
  • More information about the early phase (pre-clinical) pipeline and start-up companies than is available anywhere else.
  • The most extensive drug pipeline and competitive database accessible in either Chinese or English language interfaces.

Pipeline drug programs across the development cycle


Pipeline drug programs in the active discovery phase


Company profiles


Worldwide patents from >3,000,000 patent families


Records from >1,800 contributing brokers

Unlock the hidden insights in data?

Perform due diligence, competitive analysis, and portfolio planning based on actionable, timely intelligence from the broadest, deepest source of pipeline and competitor data backed by powerful, predictive analytical tools. Identify new competitors sooner and find and invest in early-stage assets before your competitors do using a data-driven foundation.


Targeted intelligence

Focus on the information you need, including clinical trials and commercial intelligence served by drug sales and forecasts, broker reports, event transcripts and venture funding, specifically for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.


Curated content

Use the best of human and machine intelligence, with access to comprehensive content that is manually curated by internal experts, including over 650 chemists, biologists and other editors with a medical background and a minimum 4-7 years relevant experience.

Exclusive data and analytics

Leverage the extensive collection of broker research, proprietary SWOT analyses on later-stage and launched drugs, and the patent-pending Drug Timeline & Success Rates to generate more accurate pipeline forecasts.

Global coverage and access

Access the broadest drug pipeline and competitive database providing support and analysis in more than 20 languages and reports from more than 200 conferences in over 20 countries – in either English or Chinese language interface.

Comprehensive search capabilities

Find all the data you need with one search in the integrated, single platform – organized, indexed, and exportable to multiple formats.

State-of-the-art visualizations

Bring the power of the competitive content into a single visual location. Quickly create a landscape view of your area of interest using Interactive visualizations and derive new insights using powerful, intuitive analytics.?

Integrated platform

Access trusted intelligence on global regulations, deals, and clinical trials with one-click subscription access through the unified Cortellis platform.




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