Cortellis Deals Intelligence

Negotiate your best possible deal

Unlock the hidden insights in data

Have confidence in your decisions with easy access to the vast amount of pipeline, company, and deals data; enhanced visualizations and advanced analytics to compare life sciences deals more quickly and effectively.?

Negotiate the best possible deal with the highest quality and largest deals database in the industry.?

Effective dealmaking is crucial for company growth, getting drugs/devices to market, and overall success. Cortellis Deals Intelligence provides the essential data foundation to quickly find the most optimal deal without compromising due diligence, combining:

  • The industry’s largest source of deals intelligence
  • Enhanced visualizations allowing quick evaluation and comparison of deals
> 95,000

Life sciences deals

> 32,000

Contracts including unredacted versions

Cortellis Deals Intelligence + Cortellis Competitive Intelligence

Find the right partner, assess and position against the competition, and compare similar deals – all in one place and with only a few clicks – using integrated intelligence and analytics.

Access a complete picture of the assets available for investment and find partners earlier by combining Cortellis Deals Intelligence with Cortellis Competitive Intelligence within the Cortellis platform – allowing you to gain a competitive edge with extensive pipeline, company, and patent information. Also, generate drug timelines and success rates in one easy search that are 25% more accurate than those from traditional benchmarking models.





Company profiles Patents from >3M families Discovery phase assets


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