MetaCore, a Cortellis solution

Your single source to analyze molecular pathways and accelerate discovery research

Quickly gain a molecular understanding of normal phenotypes and disease states and how your drug could potentially impact the disease pathways - using a single, comprehensive, precise pathway analysis and knowledge mining tool.

Successful drug development requires a fundamental understanding of a drug’s impact on a disease at the the molecular level. When this information is sourced from multiple locations, considerable resources must be devoted to data collection and analysis. MetaCore, a Cortellis solution, delivers high-quality biological systems content in the context of comprehensive, validated biological pathways, giving you essential data and analytics to avoid failed drug development and accelerate your scientific research:

  • 100% manually curated and validated data and pathways
  • Multi-omics analysis and comprehensive knowledge mining in one place
  • Molecular interactions that are each defined by mechanism, directionality, and effect
  • Gene variant data fully integrated in the base subscription
> 2M

Molecular interactions with directionality, mechanism, and effect

> 1,500

Pathway maps covering regulatory, disease, metabolic, and toxicity characteristics

> 1,110

Manually curated, validated networks

> 270,000

Gene-disease associations

Utilize the power of data how and when you need it

Tap into the power of the underlying biological pathway data to gain the insights your organization needs – from off-the-shelf to fully custom analytics and dashboards: ?

  1. MetaCore provides the core capabilities of precise pathway analysis, knowledge mining, simple bioinformatics, and effective visualizations in a comprehensive, off-the-shelf package.?
  2. More complex analyses and in-house data mining solutions are supported with the next-level solution that allows direct programmatic access to all of part of the underlying database. Using an R script package that provides a set of simplified functions, you can retrieve and filter content, manipulate molecular networks, create subnetworks, and create functional analysis scripts that apply to many omics data types.
  3. Completely flexible use of the database is possible with direct programmatic access. This solution allows your bioinformatics team to take advantage of content customization, integration, and custom analytics – either through direct delivery of the data on-premise or in a flexible, fully secured and maintained hosted environment.

Regular updates to the high-quality data ensure that you always have access to the latest information, freeing up your bioinformatics team to concentrate on the early identification of the drugs with the greatest likelihood of success.

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