Virtual IP Office

Increase IP portfolio efficiency and monetization with trusted IP management resources

IP management is evolving

IP management is a delicate balance of expertise, timing, budget, resources and quality all while remaining agile and competitive. We are here to help.

Our experts and high quality resources can help your organization align with the changing landscape, respond to internal pressures and build out resources that optimize your IP.

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New imperatives drive transformation

Aligning IP with Business Strategy

IP Leaders are playing a more central role in business strategy – from finding new ways to generate licensing income from existing patents to mitigating the risk of patent litigation from competitors, and tracking opportunities and risk in emerging markets.

Imperative to find new ways to monetize existing Patent Portfolios

Businesses are looking at their IP departments to find new revenue streams from existing patents, instituting new licensing programs and enforcing patents more aggressively.

Doing More with Less

Pressure to do more with fewer resources and rising costs has brought outsourcing on the Chief IP Officer’s agenda.

Acceleration of Innovation Lifecycle

With shorter cycles for innovation, IP departments are influencing the speed of developing and taking new products to market by advising on build or buy and freedom to operate decisions.


US Patent Trends: Two out of five US patent applications never get granted.


Customer Success Stories

Reinventing the Patent Prosecution Process

Interview with Bradley Lytle, Managing Partner, Oblon – #1 US Patent Prosecution Law Firm

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Facilitating IP Practice in Scaling the Business, Retaining Skilled Paralegals and Reducing Admin Costs by up to 50%

Case Study: Virtual IP Office Docketing Support Services for the Patent and Trademark Prosecution Lifecycle


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Transformation Success

Achieving sustainable transformation in a short time is critical

See how Clarivate Analytics partners with leading organizations to transform their IP Operations


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Meet the Experts

Richard Kolar, IP Solutions Consultant discusses the new imperatives for corporate IP departments and law firms to transform

Hemant Khanna, IP Search Services Manager talks about why quality patents matters–and why clients trust Clarivate Analytics for their patent search and drafting

Kelly McNulty, IP Administrative Services Manager, addresses how IP functions are transitioning to a virtual environment and the benefits that an extended virtual team can bring to your business

Virtual IP Office – an extension of your in-house IP team

For those tasks that demand IP expertise that can’t be found at traditional offshore outsourcers but don’t warrant super-high partner fee rates, Clarivate Analytics provides a third option. Our Virtual IP Office teams are highly qualified, fully trained and work to rigorous procedures founded on Six Sigma methodologies so you can partner with us to reduce costs on expert work with confidence and improve patent quality.

We can support you with:

  • Competitive Intelligence: stay on top of competitor patent activity and inform product strategy with regular reports on patents filed in technology areas or by specific competitors, as well as analysis around the latest patent data and periodic technology synopsis reports.
  • Patentability Programs: reduce filings and R&D costs and improve patent grant rates with better information for decision support and guidance on drafting of claims.
  • Patent Preparation and Prosecution: reduce fees for drafting patent applications or Office Action responses with an extended team that rapidly gets to know your business, the technical environment, and the industry sector you operate in; also access expert patent translators for foreign filings from a central services group.
  • IP Administration Support: better manage the workload, mitigate the risk of data entry errors and reduce the risk of unintentionally dropping patents, with regular validation of the data in your IP asset management system against patent data and dates from Derwent Innovation and on PTO websites.
  • IP Due Diligence: get deals done faster with an enhanced IP administration team to undertake due diligence on patent portfolios identified for out-licensing or acquisition.

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