AntiCounterfeiting and IP Protection

Use advanced technology and expertise to protect your brand

Protect your brand and intellectual property across all channels

MarkMonitor offers a comprehensive brand protection solution enabling organizations to detect, analyze and combat online brand abuse across digital channels such as websites, marketplaces, search engines, social media, mobile apps and paid search.

MarkMonitor understands our business needs and stays current on new products in order to stay out in front of illicit traders.

Brand Protection Manager, Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company


Protect the brand equity and customer loyalty you’ve built

MarkMonitor AntiCounterfeiting uses a combination of advanced technology, deep industry expertise and expansive relationships with marketplaces, payment processors, investigators and industry partners to identify the full scope of the counterfeiting problem and facilitate quick enforcements. Other brand protection problems solved by MarkMonitor include grey market, partner compliance, IP infringement, as well as regulatory and safety compliance.


Safeguard your company’s intellectual property and rights in the digital world

In the complex and rapidly growing digital world, the potential for brand and IP abuse is much greater. Keeping up with changing legal regulations in different countries and protecting your rights requires a partner like MarkMonitor. Founded by IP lawyers who saw the growing need for protecting IP online, MarkMonitor was the first global brand protection provider and remains the industry leader.


Remediate non-compliant partner activity across the internet, protecting brand value

Partners can create a multiplier effect for brands by driving new customers and web traffic to generate additional revenue. However, partners – including affiliates, franchisees, independent representatives and dealers – may engage in non-compliant activity online by misusing trademarks, logos and branding in their promotional efforts. MarkMonitor Partner Compliance enables brands to identify, prioritize and quickly remediate non-compliant partner activity across the Internet, protecting brand value, increasing profit margins and defending against legal and regulatory liability.


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