Fight online piracy and reclaim revenue

Fight online piracy and reclaim revenue

The growing demand for pirated content, fueled by easy access to P2P networks and the increasing popularity of streaming services, has resulted in over $100 billion in revenue losses for companies in the TV, music, software, gaming and film industries.

MarkMonitor AntiPiracy provides you with a unique combination of proprietary technology, data intelligence and expertise to detect and defend against online piracy occurring around the world.

4 out of 5 sports leagues?protect their live content using MarkMonitor AntiPiracy.


Fight piracy across all major channels and content types

MarkMonitor AntiPiracy takes a multi-tiered approach to help you fight piracy across major online channels such as P2P networks, websites, streaming sites and forums, and all types of digital content from software to video. We provide effective enforcement, with fast multi-layered remediation options.


Protect your events and live content against piracy

MarkMonitor AntiPiracy – NetResult Live Streaming provides the technology used by leading broadcasters, distributors and rights holders to combat live event-based piracy and is supported by unmatched expertise and experience to provide coverage and protection during hours of live events. NetResult Live Streaming allows companies to recapture views that would otherwise be lost to pirated streams – protecting IP and revenue.

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