Freedom to Operate

Undertake FTO searches with confidence, in less time

Quickly find relevant patent prior art with global, accurate and precisely-indexed patent data enhanced with titles and comprehensive abstracts in English


Underpinned by the world’s most trusted patent data

Our Derwent World Patents Index provides the world’s most comprehensive database of enhanced patent data from 52 of the world’s patent issuing authorities – covering more than 64.8 million patent documents worldwide. We bring together filings for the same invention from multiple patent offices into a single patent family. Because patent families group together filings for a single invention, attorneys save time in searching.

Patent documents are converted into a standard format, the bibliographic details are validated, and identified errors corrected. We provide a descriptive title and abstract in plain English for each new patent.


Natural-language patent search providing more accurate search results, faster

The Smart Search feature in Derwent Innovation allows you to copy and paste text from any document into the search field to find and then filter patents records across the globe that may be relevant to the invention in question.


Inform FTO opinions with accurate and transparent legal status data

We are leveraging our enhanced patent data, to calculate accurate legal status and ownership information across millions of patents in Derwent Innovation. As a result, you can inform FTO opinions with accurate dead / alive status and expiration dates. Unlike other providers, we provide transparency into the inputs used to calculate legal status, so you have visibility into our methodology and confidence in the results.


Non-patent prior art – integrated

You have the option to access our Web of Science literature and Conference Proceedings databases to search scientific literature to find non-patent prior art that may be relevant. We also provide access to the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Inspec bibliographic database.


Expert search services

Your dedicated team can deliver a full range of search services including:

  • Prior art
  • Freedom to operate
  • Validity
  • Infringement
  • State of the art

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