Innovation Landscape and Competitive Intelligence

Inform R&D investment, go-to-market priorities, licensing, M&A and IP strategy

Develop a comprehensive view of the technology and competitive landscape to inform your strategy from idea to commercialization


Uncover trends to inform R&D spend and buy-versus-build decisions

Derwent Innovation enables you to uncover trends around a specific technology including white space analysis and technology drift. Our ThemeScape Maps transform massive volumes of patent data into a topographic image of innovation – to immediately see peaks representing areas of concentrated activity and the evolution of the space over time. In addition, with Derwent Data Analyzer you can generate actionable intelligence by importing, manipulating and analyzing large volumes of patent and nonpatent content from any data source in a few easy steps.

And our IP Services team combine leading patent data and powerful research and analysis tools with extensive industry knowledge to distill the essential information into reliable, digestible, actionable reports.


Understand competitors’ strategy and identify new entrants that present a threat

Derwent Innovation helps you understand the competitive landscape with at-a-glance visualizations, such as major players in the market or filing trends. The Watched Record feature allows you to follow individual patents, or companies or technology areas.

With advanced analytical tools such as ThemeScape Maps and Derwent Data Analyzer, you get a more granular picture of competitor activity, to evaluate threats from new entrants, or to better understand how the competitive landscape as technology changes more rapidly than ever. And the Derwent Data Feed and API enable you to integrate patent data into competitive intelligence dashboards.


Get a streamlined and enhanced Competitive Intelligence function

Our IP Services experts can work with your in-house team to design a streamlined and enhanced Competitive Intelligence function for your business. Through the Virtual IP Office our experts become a virtual extension of your team, for example, taking on the load for repetitive tasks.

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