Quickly undertake patent research for litigation

Take advantage of enhanced patent data and citations in defending against infringement suits and identifying potential infringers


Inform decisions when defending against infringement suits

Derwent Innovation provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to support companies in defending against infringement suits at each stage of the workflow, including:

  • Determining the threat level from litigation history.
  • Reviewing the patent’s legal status and health.
  • Conducting an invalidity study on the asserted patent.
  • Performing preliminary patent value analysis.
  • Reviewing overlap between asserted claims and alleged product infringement.
  • Researching the patent’s current owner.

We also offer the option to engage our team of IP experts to perform the necessary patent research work to support companies in addressing infringement claims.


Identify patents to challenge at PTAB

With the watched record capability in Derwent Innovation you can easily monitor patent activity – at an individual patent, company or technology area level. Watched Record alert emails provide immediate intelligence by clearly identifying changes and providing link to key documentation.

Our Derwent Innovation search and analysis platform provides the tools and content to conduct an invalidity study on the patent you wish to challenge at PTAB.

Our expert services team can provide service to identify patents which may be suitable for challenge, filter them down to the most promising opportunities for client review, and subsequently undertake prior art searches across patent and non-patent literature to support a filing.


Leverage citation analytics to identify potential infringers

Derwent Patent Citation Index is a unique database containing forward and backward patent citations during the determination of patentability. If a company is citing one of your patents it means they are working closely in the same technology area and they are therefore a potential infringer.

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