Monetization and Licensing

Identify licensing opportunities with precision

Maximize the value of your patent portfolio, and more accurately evaluate third-party patent assets


Built-in tools that help to identify licensing opportunities

Derwent Innovation can help you maximize the value of your patent portfolio with built-in tools that help identify licensing opportunities. Using ThemeScape maps for example, you can transform massive volumes of patent data into visualizations of the landscape enabling you to see peaks representing areas of concentrated activity, understand areas where other companies are active, compare the evolution of the space over time, and drill down for in-depth information.


Expert licensing services including patent strength indicator

Our team provides expert services to help uncover value in your patent portfolio, identify licensees and equip your licensing team with the insights they need to negotiate the best possible deal. We have developed a patent strength indicator model that takes into consideration objective patent characteristics to rank patents by licensing potential – factors include Claim Scope, Infringement Detectability, Likelihood of Use and Industrial Importance.


Leverage citation analytics for in-licensing and out-licensing

Derwent Patent Citation Index is a unique database containing forward and backward patent citations during the determination of patentability.

  • License In: If you’re often citing a company’s patents, then there are common overlaps with the technology, which you could license in.
  • License Out: If a company is often citing your patents in a particular area then they may be interested in licensing your technology.


Inform your view with accurate legal status data and ownership

We are leveraging our enhanced patent data, to calculate accurate legal status and ownership information across millions of patents in Derwent Innovation. As a result, you can speed up due diligence for in-licensing assets. Unlike other providers, we provide transparency into the inputs used to calculate legal status, so you have visibility into our methodology and confidence in the results.


Mitigate risk / maximize revenues around SEPs in IP intensive industries

Our IP analysts have the technical skills to perform in-depth essentiality analysis on patents. Our team has performed essentiality analysis on tens of thousands of patents across numerous successful standards essentiality projects to customers – including over 20 within the Telecommunications industry. We have worked with attorneys and their technical and economic experts on our results, testified at arbitration hearings on methodology and findings.


Streamline due diligence for patent out-licensing and acquisition

Clarivate can provide dedicated IP Administration resources to undertake due diligence on patent portfolios identified for out-licensing or acquisition. Operating as an extension to your IP department, the team uses advanced Derwent tools and data to identify all the family members of patents to be licensed, verify the current legal status of the patents, and check chain-of-title.

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