Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Reduce filing costs and improve patent grant rates

Identify relevant prior art to inform patentability decisions, and reduce cost in patent prosecution with search, translation and administrative services


Reduce the number of failed applications with the most comprehensive view of prior art

Our Derwent World Patents Index provides the world’s most comprehensive database of enhanced patents with patent applications and grants from 52 of the world’s patent issuing authorities – covering over 30.3 million patent families across more than 64.8 million patent documents worldwide. Patent documents are converted into a standard format, and the bibliographic details are validated, with identified errors then corrected. We provide a descriptive title and abstract in plain English for each new patent.


Natural-language patent search providing more accurate search results, faster

You can load entire Invention Disclosure text from the R&D team directly into the Derwent Innovation patent-pending Smart Search, to immediately find and then filter patents, applications and non-patent prior art relevant to your invention.


Build Patentability Programs with support from the IP Services team

Our highly experienced subject matter experts, can work with you to design and implement a best practice patentability program that enables you to be more selective in filings, improve patent application draft quality and cut prosecution costs.


Reduce costs, maintain quality and mitigate risk in docketing

You can eliminate backlogs and mitigate the risk of missing a date, with high quality docketing and IP administration staff. You can outsource some or all of the activities associated with primary/dual docketing, foreign filings and file maintenance.

We are also a leading translation provider, offering high-quality patent translations for filings around the world. Our expertise in country-specific regulations and large pool of highly qualified patent translators sets us apart from other translation companies.


Minimize the risk of missing critical information in pre-issuance

Our IP Administration Pre-Issuance Due Diligence Programs based on industry best practice typically consist of the following primary checks:

– All Art has been filed/considered by the Examiner.

– Any additional related applications have been filed.

– Accuracy of: Assignee, Inventorship, Priority Claims, Invention Claims, Drawings, and Entity Status.

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