Portfolio Management

Maintain your competitive edge with a strong drug portfolio

Building and executing a strong portfolio strategy is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry, as companies recognize the need to be first in class or best in class

We can help you to pursue innovation and understand the market landscape, while monitoring latest regulatory guidelines.


Build the right portfolio to maximize value and drive commercial success.

Companies are constantly challenged to build their pipelines with innovative drugs that that have high potential for approval and reimbursement. In order to build an effective portfolio, it is essential to choose the most valuable projects, prioritize appropriately and then plan resources for implementation. How do you keep up with the latest scientific innovations, therapeutic and target landscapes, and advances in driving clinical and regulatory approvals?

Understand the disease and target landscape; stay connected with the competitive landscape; keep up-to-date on clinical trials?and regulatory approvals?for your therapeutic area and gain rapid insights into critical deal making trends?to drive your portfolio strategy. Our in-house experts can provide custom consulting services?to build your portfolio strategy.


Maintain your competitive edge with a strong drug portfolio.

Pharmaceutical drug discovery and development is a tremendously competitive field. In an increasing number of countries, a company must be first or best in class to gain market access. Generating “me too” compounds is no longer a strategic option for companies.

To make portfolio decisions such as accelerating a program or stopping it altogether, companies must be able to constantly monitor the progress of their competitors. However bringing the required information together from many sources to facilitate decision-making can be difficult

We can help you closely monitor your competitors, get insights on clinical trials status?of your competitor’s assets, stay informed on the latest news in your industry?or provide customized services?leveraging our in-house experts to bring intelligence from numerous sources together to provide detailed analysis


Understand pharma R&D productivity metrics to stay ahead of the game.

R&D productivity across the global biopharmaceutical industry is a frequently discussed topic. When planning your long term R&D strategy, you want to know: How much will you have to spend on R&D over the coming years? Which therapeutic areas have seen positive growth in pipeline volume and are absorbing the majority of investment? How do the cycle times and attrition rates vary among therapeutic areas?

Our experts at the Centre for Medicines Research International have gathered authoritative, robust industry metrics for every stage of pharmaceutical development and can provide a detailed analysis for your space to inform and steer your R&D strategy.

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