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Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence is a powerful resource to accelerate clinical development decisions, inform portfolio strategy, select trial sites and provide key competitive intelligence. Expertly curated clinical trials information covering all Indications is integrated with other scientific and competitive intelligence from Clarivate Analytics, so you can make the most informed decisions to maximize your clinical investments and reduce risk.

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What’s new in Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence

In 20 minutes you’ll learn about recent enhancements, helping you answer questions such as:

  • Which primary endpoints have been used in successful trials – with a couple of clicks you’ll be able to identify the ones you should include to increase your success rates.
  • Why competitor trials have been terminated – discover the reason for trial discontinuation and what you should avoid doing in future studies.
  • New clinical keywords such as “biosensor” – search, find and read highlights about trials including your keywords in a single page (as shown below).?
  • Pinpoint trials with recent enrolment end dates – find and visualize the best time and location to open recruitment and minimize competition for patients.
Tuesday, July 9th
9am PST (San Francisco time) / 12pm EST (New York time)
Wednesday, July 10th
9am EST (New York time) / 3pm CET (Paris time)
Thursday, July 11th
12pm BST (London time) / 1pm EST (Paris time)



Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence – Essentials (30 minutes + optional Q&A)


Accelerate your clinical development decisions and portfolio strategy with Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence. Cortellis offers curated clinical trials information, gathered from multiple sources and international registries. It includes more than 300,000 global trials, covering drugs, biologics, medical devices and biomarkers, for all therapeutic areas and rare diseases. This introductory session will show you how Cortellis can answer questions such as:

  • What endpoints are your competitors going after?
  • Which biomarkers should you use to stratify patients?
  • Were there any adverse effects reported for your condition of interest?
  • Where and when should you run your trials to minimize competition for patients? As shown in the image, Cortellis helps you visualize when your competitor trials are running worldwide so you’ll be able to plan your trial dates to maximize recruitment rates.


Join us online to learn more about Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence in 30 minutes + optional Q&A.


Thursday, 20 Jun
9am New York / 3pm Paris
Tuesday, 2 July
9am EST (New York time) / 3pm CET (Paris time)
Wednesday, 7 August
9am EST (New York time) / 3pm CET (Paris time)