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MetaCore delivers high-quality biological systems content in context, giving you essential data and analytics to accelerate your scientific research. MetaCore contains sophisticated integrated pathway and network analysis for multi-omics data.

Integrative analysis of methylation and gene expression data to understand the underlying mechanism of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) (45 min + Q&A)

Fig.1 Pathway enrichment analysis of methylation and gene expression data comparing HCC to adjacent liver tissue.

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is associated with chronic liver inflammation caused by viral infections (Hepatitis B or C), autoimmune disorders or other factors such as alcohol abuse. HCC is a highly complex disease involving multiple etiologies including genetic and epigenetic changes which ultimately lead to disruption in cell cycle and signaling pathways. A better-understanding of the underlying disease mechanism can be achieved by combinatorial analysis of DNA methylation and gene expression data collected from comparisons of disease versus non-diseased state.

In this webinar we will demonstrate the use of MetaCore’s Data Annotation and Processing Tool (DAPT) to process and upload methylation and gene expression datasets comparing liver tumor to adjacent liver control (NCBI GEO datasets GSE113017 and GSE112790)1. The uploaded datasets will be analyzed using the compare experiments workflow to understand the biological pathways (Fig.1) and processes impacted by HCC.

At the end of this session we will be able to answer the following key questions:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???

  • How can I pre-process and upload datasets into MetaCore for analysis?
  • How can I perform comparisons of OMICs data to understand the pathways impacted by HCC?


  1. Shimada, Shu et al.; EBioMedicine, Volume 40, 457 – 470.
Wednesday, June 19
10:30am EST (NY time) / 4:30pm CET (Paris time)





Getting started with MetaCore (45 min + Q&A)

MetaCore provides access to a database of 1.8 million molecular interactions, 1600 pathway maps as well as tools to analyze “OMICS” data.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Upload a dataset
  • Perform Pathway Map Enrichment
  • Build Networks

Join us online to learn more about MetaCore in 45 min + optional Q&A:


Tuesday, 16 July
10am New York / 4pm Paris

Wednesday, 17 July
10am Paris / 1:30pm Bangalore

Recorded sessions

You can find recordings of past sessions on our YouTube channel: Clarivate Analytics Systems Biology Webinars